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Crossbill Guide Madeira


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Madeira is Portugal’s emerald island – wild, rough and verdant green, situated roughly 850 kms southwest of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean. Together with the much smaller and drier island of Porto Santo and the saw-toothed crescent of the Desertas islands, it forms a small archipelago that is a splendid destination for nature lovers and hikers. The misty laurel forests and sunny peaks are packed with a rare, unique flora and fauna, while whales, dolphins, sea turtles and large numbers of seabirds patrol the surrounding ocean. Hikers, birdwatchers, botanists, whalewatchers and other nature lovers – this is your naturalist guide to Madeira.The Crossbill Guide to Madeira describes15 routes and numerous other sites to discover Madeira and Porto Santo. In addition, it describes excursions out onto the ocean, the Desertas islands and the remote Selvagens archipelago to explore Madeira’s sea life. The book is complemented with extensive chapters on landscape, geology, history, descriptions of the flora and fauna and tips to observe wildlife.

Includes the islands of Porto Santo, Desertas and Salvagens



Kees Woutersen (NL, 1956) has lived in Huesca (Spain) for 20 years, working as a wildlife and bird guide throughout Spain. He runs his own travel company and is author of various books on the birds and natural history. This is his 6th Crossbill Guide.

Dirk Hilbers (NL, 1976), set up the Crossbill Guides Foundation and travels Europe to research the guidebooks. This is the 25th guide he worked on. When not in the field, Dirk Hilbers is a lecturer in environmental ethics at the University of Amsterdam.

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