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Crossbill Guide Lesbos


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This new title in the Crossbill Guides Series cover the famous Greek island of Lesbos. It is a deservedly famous destination for birdwatchers, but it is thus far relatively unknown as a destination for hiking, for a superb geology and for finding orchids. Yet these are equally attractive aspects of this multi-faceted island. This Crossbill Guide covers all these aspects of Lesbos’s wildlife and landscape.

Like all other Crossbill Guide, this title answers two questions: what makes this area so special, and how you can see this for yourself. This book describes the flora and fauna, landscape and traditional land use of this region, plus 17 detailed routes and 23 sites with concrete indications on where and how to find the birds, wildlife and flora.


From the back cover:

The Greek island of Lesbos is a famous destination for birdwatchers and naturalists. In spring and autumn, the already impressive number of breeding birds swells with the arrival of countless migrants. The old trails and minor roads between the villages make inviting walks amidst picturesque woodlands, groves and meadows with the blue Aegean never far away. On your way you’ll pass by swathes of orchids, anemones and tulips, while every now and again, a tortoise stoically crosses your path. All this is Lesbos – the island of birds, flowers, reptiles and other natural attractions. Add to this the many hours of sunshine, pretty villages and fine, locally grown food and wine, and you’ll understand why Lesbos is a dream destination for nature lovers.




Alex Tabak (The Netherlands, 1976) is an all-round ecologist specialised in field surveys of flora, vegetation, butterflies and reptiles and amphibians. He works partly in the Netherlands and partly in Greece. Together with his Greek partner Christiana Bairaktari, Alex guides naturalist holidays to Lesbos, which, besides birdwatching and wildflowers,  focusses on the landscape and local, nature-based cuisine. 

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