Crossbill Guide Eastern Rhodopes


Crossbill Guide Eastern Rhodopes


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This new title in the Crossbill Guides Series is the first nature travel guidebook to cover the stunning region of the Eastern Rhodopes on the border of Bulgaria and Greece. This book covers this wild, rugged mountain range in Bulgaria together with the adjacent National Park of Dadia, the Evros Delta and the Nestos Delta in Greece.

Like any other Crossbill Guide, this title answers two questions: what makes this area so special, and how can I see this for myself. This book describes the flora and fauna, landscape and traditional land use of this region, plus 18 detailed routes and many sites descriptions with concrete indications on where and how to find thebirds, wildlife and flora


The Eastern Rhodopes and adjacent areas is only recently discovered by nature travelers, which now come from all over Europe to enjoy this authentic and wild mountain range and rich flora and fauna. From wild orchids to wolves, and from pelicans and vultures to wild tortoises and scores of butterflies – the Eastern Rhodopes has it all.  



Dirk Hilbers (The Netherlands, 1976), biologist,  is the founder of the Crossbill Guides Foundation and travels the continent to write Crossbill Guides about the most beautiful natural areas of Europe. He has specialized in flora, birds, ecology and land use.

Herman Dierickx (Belgium, 1958) is an author who has specialised in writing articles on environmental issues, nature and nature conservation inBelgium. Next to countless articles in reco,mended journals in Belgium, he has also published 13 books on nature in Belgium.

Alex Tabak (Belgium, 1958) is an ecologist specialised in field surveys of flora, vegetation, reptiles / amphibians and butterflies. He works partly in the Netherlands, and partly in Greece.

Albert Vliegenthart (The Netherlands, 1976) works at de Vlinderstichting – the Dutch butterfly conservancy, and is one of the leading Dutch butterfly and dragonfly experts, next to being a keen birdwatcher. He is involved in most Crossbill Guides as the invertebrate expert. Albert also  leads butterfly tours in Spain, France, Greece and Turkey.      

  • 224 pages
  • 21 x 14,5 cms
    full colour, plentiful photographs, illustrations and maps

© 2012

ISBN 9789491648014

Crossbill Guides Foundation / KNNV Publishing

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