Crossbill Guide Spanish Pyrenees


Crossbill Guide Spanish Pyrenees


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This is the second printing of the successful Crossbill Guide to the Spanish Pyrenees and steppes of Huesca. It covers the central part of the Pyrenees and the dry steppe plains further south to the river Ebro – a region that roughly coincides with the province of Huesca.

Within this region, most of the iconic alpine parts of the Spanish Pyrenees are found: Ordesa and Monte Perdido, the Sierra de Guara, the Jaca valley and Benasque. Additionally, some of the finest, desert-like landscapes of Spain are here: Los Monegros and Belchite. This Crossbill Guide covers all these aspects of this region’s wildlife and landscape: birdwatching sites, the most intact wilderness areas, the butterflies and wildflowers and geological phenomena of the region.

Like all other Crossbill Guides, this title answers two questions: what makes this area so special, and how you can see this for yourself. It includes 21 detailed routes and 26 sites with concrete indications on where and how to find the birds, wildlife and flora.


From the back cover:

Huesca (Spain) is the most northern, and most diverse, of Aragon’s three provinces. It covers both the wild High Pyrenees, their wooded foothills and the steppes in the basin of the Ebro. There are few areas in Europe with such a diversity of landscapes and of flora and fauna. From the alpine heights of Ordesa to dry semi-desert of Belchite, this guidebooks shows you the best sites and reveals their flora and fauna.



Dirk Hilbers (The Netherlands, 1976), biologist, is the founder of the Crossbill Guides Foundation and travels the continent to write Crossbill Guides about the most beautiful natural areas of Europe. He has specialized in flora, birds, ecology and land use.

Kees Woutersen (1956, Holland) has lived for 20 years in Huesca, working as a nature and bird guide throughout Spain. He runs his own travel company, Aragon Natuurreizen. Kees Woutersen is author of various books on the birds and natural history of the Pyrenees and Aragón, e.g. the Atlases of the Birds of Huesca and Ordesa.

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