Adriatic East Coast - EuroNatur Travel Guide

Seeing Birds and Experiencing Nature in Historic Landscapes on the Mediterranean Coast

Every year millions of sun-hungry tourists come to the eastern shore of the Adriatic to enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean climate and the alluring beaches. But those who limit their travels to the summer months and the tourist hot spots seldom get to know the region’s real treasures, to which this little book calls attention.

Not exclusively but especially for readers interested in birds, the nature travel guide – written with passion by experienced field ornithologists – is a genuine treasure, providing in-depth information on numerous significant but little-known habitats on one of Europe‘s most important migration flyways.

13 x 19 centimetres, 234 photos, 6 maps, 268 pages, 100% recycled paper

short introduction (pdf-Datei, 1.055 KB)

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